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Bolgheri is a small medieval village located in the lower Maremma region of Livorno, nestled in the Mediterranean maquis and surrounded by centuries-old cypress trees. Known for inspiring the famous poems of the poet Giosuè Carducci, it is a perfectly preserved architectural jewel that stands along the ancient Via Aurelia.

The village is dominated by Bolgheri Castle, dating from the 1300s and belonging to the della Gherardesca family. Inside the manor house is the Archaeological Museum, with Etruscan and Roman artifacts, and the famous room where Carducci wrote his poems. Walking along the Avenue of Cypresses leads to the village walls, which enclose small lanes, the Church of San Niccolò and characteristic medieval stone houses.

Bolgheri is also a renowned wine area, particularly for the production of red wines such as Bolgheri Rosso and the famous Sassicaia. There are many wineries where you can taste excellent local wines, such as Cantine di Bolgheri and Tenuta San Guido. Among hills silvery with olive groves, lush vineyards and the sea of Maremma in the distance, Bolgheri is an enchanted place where history, culture and nature blend perfectly. A corner of authentic Tuscany waiting to be discovered, enclosed within the walls of a charming village where time seems to stand still.

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