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Saturnia is a small medieval village in the Maremma hinterland in the heart of Tuscany. The town stands at the point where Europe's largest hot spring emerges, with a flow rate of 800 liters of hot water per second and a large natural basin known as ""the little Italian Caribe"" or ""al Caverone.

Saturnia's hot springs have been known since ancient times for the beneficial properties of its bicarbonate-sulfate-alkaline-earthy waters. Immersing oneself in the warm waters of the Caverone and the spa's equipped pools, immersed in an unspoiled natural setting, is an unforgettable experience, regenerating for body and mind. Saturnia is the ideal destination for a vacation of wellness, relaxation and culture: its thousand-year-old hot springs, historical monuments and unspoiled landscape make it a pearl to be discovered, capable of satisfying spa lovers as well as tourists in search of tranquility and authenticity.

Historic villages, unspoiled nature and regenerating spas make Saturnia and its beneficial waters one of the most fascinating destinations in the Tuscan Maremma, where one can relax and take care of one's well-being, physical and mental, in a setting of extraordinary beauty. This is a place capable of seducing anyone who comes across it, thanks to the magic of its thermal waters and the history contained in every corner of this territory.

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