Tucked away in the rolling hills of Val di Cornia, in the province of Livorno, lies the small village of Suvereto, surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and woods, a medieval jewel that seems to have stood still in time. As soon as you cross the Porta San Francesco gate, you find yourself in a fascinating atmosphere: paved streets, stone houses, and porticoes that offer shelter from the sun accompany the visitor on a journey into the past.

Suvereto is a place that evokes peace and tranquility, where walking through the historic center, the only interruption to the silence is the distant rustling of the foliage. The clock of the Castruccio Castracani Tower seems to beat to the slow rhythm of a town that is in no hurry to run, and even the air seems to have an ancient scent, as if the essences of the Middle Ages were still hovering among the stones.

Stopping to admire the view from the main square is an almost mystical experience: the gaze is lost among the winding hills and the Livorno countryside, in a Tuscany as authentic as few. After enjoying a plate of pici al tartufo or lumachelle al pomodoro in the village tavern, you can indulge in a stroll through the narrow alleys, where every corner is an unexpected attraction: a tombstone, a stone portal, the outline of an arched roof.

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